Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Your Grandkids Are Coming! Better Be Ready.

I want to take a break from the reverse mortgage stuff and talk about something else that most Utah seniors have to think about...THE GRANDKIDS!  Having your grandkids over to visit can be a rewarding and fun experience, but it can also be dangerous!  Here are 15 easy tips on how to grandchildren proof your home.
  1.  Pick up or move small items or breakables off lower shelves and tables
  2. Secure any outside doors, especially if they lead to a street or pool
  3. Put all poisonous liquids on a high self or behind a locked door
  4. Install baby locks on any draws or doors you don't want opened
  5. Set your water heater below 120 degrees
  6. Put safety gates on stairways or hallways you don't want them to enter
  7. Get a baby monitor
  8. Keep all hot liquids out of reach and keep pot handles turned inward when on the stove
  9. Invest in a high chair or booster seat
  10. Buy a pack n play for nap and bedtime
  11. If you have a crib, make sure it meets the latest child safety standards
  12. Have some children's books on hand
  13. Keep a box of some toys to play will (make sure they are age appropriate for little ones)
  14. Take lots of pictures
  15. Don't be afraid to have fun and remember most messes can be cleaned up!
A couple of other things to remember are to be well rested before the grandchildren come over; it is easy to forget just how busy they can be and how much more energy they have than you do!  Also if you are physically able, get down and play with them.  Your grandkids will remember the times they got to wrestle, or play cars or dolls with their grandparents.

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